About The Princess and the Cake

In short, this is a baking blog (so says captain obvious!) where I’ll be posting photos and recipes of my baking trials and sometimes tribulations. If you’d like to find out more about me or about the features on this blog then please read on! 

If you’ve got any questions, have any suggestions for recipes you think I should try, or just want to say hello, then please get in touch on twitter @stacey_stokes

About the Princess

My name is Stacey, and I am a bake-a-holic. I’m also a very big Disney geek fan. I have a weird love for spreadsheets, I love reading, dancing, and I’m also rather fond of blogging. I am a people person (most of the time) and I love to play hostess. One day I’d like to have my own bakery/tea-room, and I believe that one-day I will, I’m just not quite ready for it to be “one-day” yet. For now I work at a University where I get to meet and work with some amazing people, and I’m one of those very lucky people who like the job they do. I’m not the greatest or most experienced baker, but I like to be creative and inventive with my baking, and I like to encourage others to do the same. I also have Crohn’s disease, which sometimes gets in the way of, well, everything, but I try my best not to let it!

About the Cake

I started this blog in April 2010, when a couple of friends decided to set me a challenge which would combine my love of baking with my love of Disney – you can read more about that below. Since then, the blog has grown into an area for me to save and share all of my favourite recipes. It’s likely I’m the only person who ever uses these recipes, but I’d like to think maybe others could use them too (and I’d love to get your feedback if you do!) My plan is for it to continue to grow, so watch this space!

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